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What is the African Diaspora?

Who are we, and what is our story?

Diaspora: The dispersion or spread of a people from their original homeland.

The Diaspora represents the movement of individuals from their place of origin to the farthest corners of the world. Often, a diaspora is a people whose lives are in one place, but whose hearts are in another. Some relocated by choice, in search of better economic opportunities and the opportunity to experience a new culture. Some were forced to leave, fleeing political instability and military occupation. Whatever the circumstance, the choice to leave one’s home and the familiarity of their country, is a brave one. Whether in the 1st generation or many generations ago, the African Diaspora is spread out across the world, in every corner of every continent: We are a vast people group, numbering almost 170 million people worldwide.

Though the expanse of our people stretches far and wide, our experience of identity is curious. Some of us have a palpable and irrefutable passion for our homeland, longing to be reunited with our heritage. However, some feel a profound disconnect, almost feeling as if the identity of an African doesn’t fit them, or that they are unworthy of the title. Sadly, some are weary, having lived in a system that has failed them. Many of us recognise the challenges facing our nations and feel defeated as a result.

For whichever category you find yourself in, the conclusion is the same: We are still apart of the African Story. Our geographical distance need not manifest as an emotional one. We can still connect ourselves with our origins and engage with what’s happening on the continent. We still have the ability to make an impact on our beloved Africa, by contributing towards development, having dynamic conversations within our immediate communities and learning how our skills and resources can aide innovation in various industries.

We at The Diaspora Project strongly encourage people to learn more about our continent of origin and celebrate our history, culture, and identity.


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